Friday, March 27, 2015

IT and Geo-Mapping Help a Small Business Succeed

Leigh Rawdon and Emily Meyer are two entrepreneurs that started a children’s clothing company called The Tea Collection. Together they built a successful small business with a nationwide presence.
The Tea Collection uses software applications such as design software, geographic data-mapping software, and a tool for retailers to restock online. The geo-mapping software helps the company grow by showing uncharted territory. It helps to target prospective business opportunities, and find areas that aren’t oversaturated children’s clothing stores. Sales reps use the results from the geo-mapping system by identifying the zip codes of target demographics. They use color-coding to signify areas to pursue and areas where they already have stores. The program also shows the landscape to help identify optimal locations.
The Tea Collection’s main technology challenge is probably their online restocking program. In order to correct this, the systems need to be integrated. This will help to prevent human error when fulfilling orders. Their geo-mapping system also seems a little dated. If there were a program that they could use to get the same results, but in a simpler way, it would most likely help the employees. For example, they could use the technology to generate reports of unexplored territory or use a sophisticated map program to view landscapes and/or potential store locations virtually.
Unless The Tea Company makes some technological changes, I do not think they will continue to grow as rapidly. There is so much new technology out there; The Tea Company needs to explore their options. Leigh Rawdon said herself that the systems need to be integrated in order for the company to work more efficiently. I also think they should consider opening an online store to the public. That way they can create a bigger audience for their already successful business. E-commerce is an extremely popular conduit for shopping in this day and age, so it’s important to take advantage of the opportunities at hand.

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